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1227: Dual Range Flex-Tube® U-Inclined Manometer

1227: Dual Range Flex-Tube® U-Inclined Manometer

0.2" Minor Scale Divisions, Accuracy +/- 0.1" w.c.

Use Series 1227 as a regular U-tube manometer to read high-range pressure on the right leg, or as an inclined manometer to read low-range pressure on the bottom leg. Simply incline manometer until fluid levels read zero. No spirit level required. Magnetic clips hold the gage in position on a steel duct surface.

Most versatile and useful low cost manometer we know of. Designed for installation and servicemen. A sturdy, clear plastic manometer, it offers single, direct readings in two ranges: As a U-tube, it reads from 0 to 16" of water; as an inclined gage, it reads from -.20 to 0 to 2.6" of water. Model 1227M (Metric) is 0 to 400 mm water column as a U-tube and -5 to 0 to 70 mm water column as an inclined gage. "How-to-use" instructions are printed directly on the scale.



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Product : 1227
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1227: Dual Range Flex-Tube® U-Inclined Manometer